Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best High Ever

            Whatever the course ends up authentically being, I think the key is to not slumber in waking life. To not be hypnotized and tied up by the pretty light show of all that is happening in this terribly dangerously beautiful dimension, but to remember and actualize our purpose and intention behind coming here. To master this space by mastering ourselves.
            What does that look like for each person, though?
            I assume that there are as many mastery methods as there are people. But I do suspect that the space I reach when I am deeply breathing (a challenge in itself to hold more than a minute or two) has to do with it. Coming fully, deliciously into the present moment, over and over and over again, lights the world that is “seen” with an inner illumination that can only be likened to states of being that are enhanced by chemicals of some form or another.
            True Presence is the best high ever.
            And rather than numbing you down into your body or shuttling you out of it, the altered state given by focus and attention on the lines between consciousness and physicality (namely, breath and attention) provides you with a key.
            A key to see through the illusion.
            I’ve been practicing this – for me personally, it does also have to do with the way I focus my eyes – a sort of looking “through” things that I have historically only allowed to happen when doing an intuitive healing reading or other type of non-3D-limited work. But considering that I am my most Whole when I am doing this work, why in the world had I limited my full self to the “office?”
            What was I afraid of?
            That’s an easy one to answer. I’ve been afraid of freaking people out, of them thinking I see things they may want to keep hidden (which of course I do) and of being all alone.
            Well, here’s a wake up call – aloneness comes when aloneness comes, no matter what camouflage you wear.
            And so does connection, and deep beautiful communion on many levels.
            But it is sure that the connection and communion that can gloriously blast through awareness and change everything to bring in greater expansion of this Universe we’re squeezing into finds it a more difficult path in if you are pretending to be less than you are…
            Today is the day to try it, methinks.


  1. Charis, I reread this over and over. I kept rereading this, "to master this space by mastering ourselves", I'm in the process and from what I read from your blogs and see in your videos this process will end and I don't want it to, and I'm fine with that, I love it. Thank You Charis....I feel source guide me constantly.

    1. Beautiful, Mollie! Thank you for your truth and authenticity! :)