Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snuggling with Seedlings & Partying with Plants

So this evening, as I'm sitting here watching Gilmore Girls reruns with my sister (which make us talk ridiculously fast for 1.3 hours after each episode,) waiting for a video to upload about my amazing Mount Shasta retreat that I'll be facilitating with the beautiful and amazing Leija Turunen, and, of course, spending time researching random things on the internet (I do my best shopping between the hours of 11pm and 3am,) I found.....these absolutely phenomenal little gems.

Wearable plants!
(find it here)

When I was a little girl, I got a clear plastic medallion that came with plant-growing gel, a seed or two to sprout, and even a little pink plastic baby bottle that you were supposed to fill with water every day to gift the seedling with a few drops of water.
(from kbheinlein)
Of course my 8-year-old self waaaay over-watered the plants so nothing ever grew for me (too much love, what can I say? Moderation is more comfy in this day and age...)
(WearablePlanter Etsy shop)

...but the idea still has a VERY strong pull for me.

(Living Moss Terrarium necklace from NaturalWoodland on Etsy)

Just think! The idea of wearing a beautiful, living, growing and symbiotic being around your neck. As a tree-talker myself, the company would be more than welcome.

(Etsy's NaturalWoodland again)
(and same)

And what a conversation piece.
(a little banana plant from here)

I've taken to only wearing crystal lately, and this covers both bases. Ah, gorgeous.

(A wearable air plant and crystal planter from RawEarth Studios on Etsy)

...And so after ogling necklaces for quite a while, I came across this article:
(Read the article here)

So which shall I do? Make one myself or order one already made? Each side has pros or cons. I'll sleep on it :)