Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Midnight Madness, Awesomely So

You know that your new sleep schedule is working when your phone alarm goes off at 2am and you wake up with the Mission Impossible theme song in your head...

It's funny 'cause it's truuuue.

The feeling that I know some secret that no one else knows still runs strong when I wake up in the wee hours, do a little puttering around, think up some crazily awesome shite, and then go back to bed.

For instance, tonight I'm pondering the connection between super healthy, vibrant bodies and spot-on intuition.

Is it any coincidence that many raw foodists are also TOTALLY into energy, healing, manifestation, and sacred, conscious living?
Or is it because their bodies are just so full of Light that it's impossible to be "numbed down" enough to not see what's actually going on?

(As a mostly raw foodist myself - I'll say the latter is the case. I've never been MORE plugged in than I am when I'm raw. I've come and gone with the strictness over the years, but hands down, raw food gives you the happiest, most joyous, and most freaking interesting life in the world.)

But on a more serious note, for most of you reading my blog, I'm aware that a lot of you guys have latent or not-so-latent psychic abilities, and that said abilities often run in families. Goodness knows, SO DOES CONTACT. If you're abducted, your momma and her momma and her momma were probably abducted too. (I'm not a fan of the word "abducted" b/c mine are definitely voluntary, but I'll go with what's in common usage at the moment.)
So...when we have psychic and contact stuff in our genetic line, there also pops up, from time to time, a little insanity.

Maybe insanity is too strong a word. I guess imbalance is what I'm after. Maybe some depression, some schizophrenia (which is what I thought I had when I first Awoke spiritually - until my "voices" saved my life and were always, always accurate...then I had to reexamine my whole self diagnosis...) Anyway, I have a theory on why this happens.

 I think that our genes are trying to get us to a NEW level of Human. One with all of the latent abilities that we've had in our genetic code since the beginning (and hence you have stories of extra-human abilities here and there since the beginning of man, often more easily accepted in ancient times than they would be nowadays, no less...)

One that would shift our world, because being able to do things like easily speak mind to mind, regulate one's bodily comfort like heat and cool, access the endless recorded information available at the level of pure Universal consciousness, levitate, and teleport would definitely cut down on electric bills, internet usage time, not to mention airline travel! Paradigms would shatter, stuff would shift...

...and only somewhat unrelated to that is what would happen to each of us physically and psychologically as we got used to the "new" way of doing things.

I'm not saying I can do that stuff, at least not most of it. Most of it is still just a thought in my head, a wondering, a knowledge that the keys are SOMEWHERE in there and I just need to find them and turn them to unlock a new way of existence for myself.

So do we all, really. And I think we will if we can just stay focused long enough to do it! Which caffeine, alcohol, clogging junk foods and neurotoxins in lots of the stuff we routinely expose ourselves to makes super duper difficult!

Which brings me back around to that insanity thing.

I think I've stumbled onto a "Eureka!!!" moment.

I think that what happens to cause that imbalance or insanity is that a person's circuits get blown out, so to speak. Too much information and energy running along "wires" that are too small or frayed to handle it, so there's a short in the system. And by system, I mean Human body and brain. Yikes.

I know this from experience - my contact experiences progress slowly, very gently, and I know that a LOT is wiped from my day-to-day, conscious mind. When I've requested faster learning or asked why I'm not receiving more info and experiences more quickly, I get responses that say something along the lines of,

"It would be exceedingly difficult for you to function well in the mundane society you now engage in if you were to receive the amounts of information you request at the pace that you request it. You must stay intact in order for you to accomplish what you must accomplish."

Or, in other words - "we don't want to break you because if we do, you can't do your thing."

Some would say that this sounds sinister, but it's delivered with so much love that I can't honestly say that I feel afraid at ALL. More like impatient. And this doesn't just happen with alien stuff, it also comes when I'm trying to access my own dormant information, a lot of which I've had access to in past lives and have now "forgotten," or put to sleep, in order to, I suppose, wake back up to it in this incarnation, figuring out how to get there, and by sharing what I find, light torches along the way for those who would walk the same path.

So...I also think that you are a LOT less likely to break, or crack, if you keep your body amazingly healthy! Which brings me back to raw foodism and such.

My advice would be this - you want to enhance your psychic awareness and other extrasensory perception stuff? GO RAW. Not 100% necessarily, but start the journey. That alone will jump start your progress. And exercise and dance around your living room and laugh a lot and meditate...basically, keep your circuits clear. Oh, and H.Y.D.R.A.T.E. That's a big one.

True story.

I'll say here again that to those who haven't experienced enough to break them at least somewhat out of the matrix, I know I sound like a raving lunatic. No surprises there. And I don't particularly mind. :) But for those who know better, well, you know better.

(cue the M.I. theme again.)

Live long and prosper! And goodnight, I'm back to bed <3