Friday, January 31, 2014

Rocking the Twinkle Toes with Love and Travel

Several days ago, I read a blog post called "Don't Date a Girl Who Travels." Here's the link. It has been translated into several languages, and after I posted it to my Facebook page, I discovered that I wasn't the only woman who felt the same way that the author of the column did. Friends of mine, ranging from soul sisters to acquaintances, commented on the article link describing that same heart call that I felt when I read it - that bittersweet feeling of "Yes! This is me!" combined with, "well wait, does that mean that I'm unlovable? Do I care?..." with the thought trailing off into a silent, pensive moment of wordless wondering.

Oak Creek Vortex, Sedona AZ

Let me begin this little rant by saying that I love love. I seriously do. There are not many energies more delicious and addictive than a yummy, activating, intriguing romantic connection that captivates the mind and tugs at the heart. And, in my defense, I can say as well that I know a LOT about love. I've been married and divorced. I've lived with several partners (um, not at the same time of course.) I've even parented the children of past lovers, whom I loved as well and miss on a regular basis (er, the children, of course.) I can say with full confidence that right now, at age 30, I have had 6-10 great loves so far. These are the kind of loves that books are written about and songs are woven around. I am tenderly aware that some people (some people who I know and am close to) have never felt this feeling, even at nearly double the number of years on this planet, this go-round, that I have had so far. I am also attracted to greatness, so I can say that I have been in love with many amazing men, who all had and have world-shifting potential, whether they will ever act on it, or even ever admit it to themselves.


The other, darker truth is that we live in a time of shifting energies and overhauls of entire planetary paradigms. I have seen prophecies fulfilled in my time - yes prophecies. More than one. And we are, as a planetary race, trying to figure out what the heck we are doing as we emerge into a new age of consciousness, alignment, presence, and attention. Lots is changing. One paradigm that is shifting dramatically is romance. The other is travel.

Speaking of travel...

Weisbaden Hot Springs, Colorado

Much like love, I have traveled a lot. Some people may chuckle that off, saying that because my wanderings have not taken me abroad, my worldliness doesn't amount to much. But I have criss crossed this USA countless times, in small and large measure. If you were to take a US map and draw the routes I have taken on the map, you would have what resembled a preschooler's art project. Swirls, scribbles, spirals and grids have marked my passage. This land is huge. And it is varied. And it is beautiful. And if you were to put it next to many other countries on this planet, it is easy to see that what we call one nation is actually quite a collection of kingdoms, cultures, climates, ecosystems, and even languages. I've been around.

What does it mean to have gone so far? To have glimpsed mountain tops of love and earth, to have walked in caverns deep below the surface of our planet and of our own consciousness, where not only warm, cleansing waters run, but where the things we don't want to look at hide shivering in the darkness until we are brave enough (and triggered enough) to lead them back into the light?

It means good stories, for one. ;)

But aside from that, I have found that we are still figuring it out. I have never yet felt that feeling of "coming home" that looks so appealing when I see other people talk about the space on earth where their heart rests. In my 30 years I have never spent more than 2 in the same house - hardly ever even in the same town. I've also never had a place where my heart could rest in the keeping of another person for very long. That is the drawback of a life full of non stop expansion, growth, and epiphany. You can't get out of the fast lane, even if you want to (which I don't, I'll clarify...) 
It can be lonely, I'll admit.

It can also be glorious and blinding and invigorating and...interesting.

So where does that leave us?

We are figuring out new ways to interact with our planet. The most comfy house I've spent time in was a handmade off-grid place in the mountains outside of Santa Fe. With an outhouse. Yes, I said an outhouse. One that gave you views worthy of the highest caliber photography as you're ... doing your business. You know what I mean. Anyway.

The point is to say that what we think the best option is may not be what it actually is.

Levitation Practice, Santa Fe, NM

With this whole Divine Feminine vs Divine Masculine thing, I've found myself observing tribes of people who identify with one side or the other. Both call the other vampiric. Both blame the other for not showing up with all we've got to create epic partnerships. But in the interest of taking full responsibility for one's own creation, I have observed the duality of men not wanting to grow up emotionally into magnificent, king-like beings, and of women holding onto the trauma of many lifetimes where a relationship was tantamount to being given a prison sentence. And there we go, manifesting the same things over and over, knowing that something isn't just right, that we diminish in each others' presence, and that we both must eventually free ourselves in order to survive.

But is this always true? Will we traveling chicks and guys ever find places where our feet love to dwell? Will it be a space or just our delicious planet overall?
What about where our hearts yearn to dwell? Will it be a person or just a delicious energy that comes and goes behind different faces?

I think it's up to us to figure it out. There's no wrong answer here.

And I think we will figure it out. But I am positive that we haven't done it quite yet. It is time to look at what we are creating and not blame anyone else, but find where we are hurting, from this time or others, and really dig deep to get out the roots, the seeds, and the rest, and to heal it to be able to face our horizon with new eyes, fresh hearts, and dancing feet.

Grand Tetons, WY


  1. Lovely Charis! I relate to so much of what you're talking about. :-) Thank you :-) <3