Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Note on Conscious Creation

When lines blur between fanciful imagination and true non-local multidimensional perception, one need only remember that the "reality" being experienced is a fluid and changeable one.
If imbued with principles of gratitude, desire, surrender, and love, then whatever is wished for or perceived will grow and develop in its "realness," should the perceived object, situation, relationship, or experience be in alignment with Cosmic clockwork.
This is further amplified if the perceptive and creative being in question has consciously chosen to align him or herself with the living evolution of our Universe in a joyful, pleasantly anticipatory way.

Should your creations abort or crumble, know that your increased alignment is not far behind. Stagnation and/or sleepwalking is not being permitted.

In this case, surrender again to upgrades and blissful development, and devote your attention to the health of your mind, body, and spirit for a few days, purposefully avoiding your desired creation in thought and word, and when you feel cleansed of disappointment, re-examined the failed situation, seeing clearly where it did not align with your purest feelings of joy and purpose, and upgrade your intentions from that new vantage point.

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