Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Am A Love Warrior

I am a love warrior.

In older times this may have meant that I was someone who ran from conflict and instead used spiritual bypass to sprinkle flowers on even the most putrid of things, not wanting to look at what was beneath those blossoms, waiting to be seen, mourned, and cleaned up.

I am a love warrior.

In other places this may have meant that I actually went to war to destroy what others had loved in order to spread my own beliefs, cloaked in an illusion of wanting to protect me and my own while hurting "them," and their own, in order to do so.

I am a love warrior.

In THIS time and THIS space, being a love warrior means not being afraid to look anything in the eye - no tragedy, no illness, and no fearsome being in the darkness of her or his despair.
Even if that being is me.

Being a love warrior in this time and this space means bringing love to EVERY situation. Not judgment, not codependence, not envy, and not worship, but just LOVE. 

Pure, true, open, vulnerable love.

The love that makes us invincible because we know that any attempt to injure is just another person crying from her or his wounds, flailing to try to make the pain stop by discharging it on another.

Once you know how the trick works, the magic has no more effect on you.

One WE know that the answer to getting out of this old flawed system lies in unconditionally being present with the most beautiful and amazing pieces of our worlds as well as the opposite, seeing all of it as manifestations of the Divine force of the Universe that has come to us to be experienced and cataloged, then we become free.

With our love, we heal with glances.

With our love, we activate with laughter.

With our love, we breathe beauty.

With our love, we create harmony.

And with our love, we PARTY. We rock our hearts out in parties that EVERYONE is invited to, and that it is impossible to be turned away from because the only criteria to get in is that you have to want to  come in harmony and you have to be responsible for your own energetic contributions to the group. 

Those who can't do this just don't end up coming to the party. But they'll get here, sooner or later. They may just be taking the scenic route.

I am blessed (some, in other times, would perhaps, and have probably, said "cursed" as well) with a multidimensional archetypal vision of the world and those in it that exists for me in every moment of every day. I can see into places that even now some would call imaginary, and I can interact there as clearly (and sometimes more powerfully) than I can here, in this dimension.

And yes, of course, results very often pop through to this one as well, in ways that I never expect.

I have traveled through graveyards of wretched ghosts, tied to the land, chained through trauma and death to places that have changed around them. They have shown me what I looked like from afar - a star moving along the horizon, shining out a beacon saying "Come here - there is a door. You can get out. You can go up."

I have been educated by angels who have told me secrets of creation and shared with me the mysteries of why they have thrown in their lot with the humans as well (they want the energetic codes for integrated passion. They have honor, power, love, and steadfastness, but they do not have passion. They can only "get" passion when we integrate it ourselves, because we are creating a new brand that is available to everyone this time as we merge emotions and create new alchemical blends of energies.)

I have argued with the most stubborn, most powerful dark beings who saw ME as a dangerous thing, moving through their worlds as a Light Being - a race that they see as untrustworthy and dangerous.
I have been locked in will-to-will combat with creatures that some would see as monsters, but when you are actually there with one, you have no time to be afraid, and you have no judgment of fearsomeness if you are in love. The most dire circumstance becomes an arm wrestle (or even better, a dance-off) instead.

I have learned to meet both ends of the spectrum with non judgment and love, and have woven a new net of realities and timelines where we can all exist in harmony, using the same thoughts and feelings that you too reading this have had about how the old systems don't make sense and in order to truly create what we want, we have to make new stuff.

You know this because YOU are a Light Warrior too. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't.

It is not a plush job. Wills battle on the daily. And more than that, wills inside of us writhe and shift as we adopt new paradigms that make us question that which we thought to be unshakeable truth yesterday, once we see the holes and who is left out of that equation.

None of it is easy.

But it is worth it.

And we are in this together.


  1. Charis - The world you speak of, your movement through it and interactions is enchanting me with wonder -

    And when you wrote:
    "wills inside of us writhe and shift as we adopt new paradigms that make us question that which we thought to be unshakeable truth yesterday"

    I can relate and it can be a struggle, a struggle i am setting intention to release and embrace truth as it presents itself in an evolving fashion -

    Much Gratitude for your Expression and Light

  2. Thanks for the reminder Charis, always a pleasure reading you!

    Namaste sister. so much Love! xx

  3. I can't wait for your next book! :)

  4. Self actualization is an inner process, all we can do is love everything on the outside tenderly, for they/it is all reflections of our own emotional aspects. Or ovs as I call it - O the whole, - V - vagina/chalice/cup <3

  5. ahh, the chalice; we like to call it a stargate. :) very pleased to have stumbled upon these butterfly trails. it is brave to live so truthfully in service of the heart, charis. looking forward to continued perusal of this blog as you hold space / document your journey.